The Evolu'mento Company is seeking your help to bring our thrilling dance collaboration to fruition. With your support, we would be delighted to participate in the Festival OFF in Avignon 2024, at the Golovine Theater, featuring the show: Connection!

Connection is the company's first contemporary dance show. It was created in 2022-2023 with the support of ARSUD, KLAP - Maison pour la danse, Pôle 164, L'Entrepôt de Venelles and the Danse Center Colombat.

When creating the show, Connection, the movement was designed to embody the process of how one may search and discovery inner light. This project was created by Marie and Luca, who have developed this choreography together. They trust their works will bring the audience into their dance and spread the connection as well as the light between people.

To allow this show the opportunity to be broadcast in the LARGEST THEATER AND LIVE SHOW FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD, the company truly needs your support! Being able to showcase our work at the Festival OFF in Avignon in the majestic Golovine Theater, would permit us to dance for a wider audience and provide us with the opportunity to create a professional network. It would be a dream to have the chance to broaden the distribution of the show and grow our company.

Why did we choose the Golovine Theater for our participation in the Festival? This particular theatre is known as one of the most important contemporary dance theaters in Avignon. It is also the ideal place for presenting our show in the best conditions for both spectators and artists.

We would be so grateful for any contribution to help make this dream performance come to life.