The Company

The Evolu'mento Company was created in October 2022.

Marie and Luca, dancers and choreographers of the Company, created their first show "Connection" for the year 2022-2023.
In 2023, it was presented at the Festival OFF Avignon at the Al Andalus Theater, also at the Golovine Theater as part of the Italian week "La Bella Italia", at the Festival 1 pas de 4, at the Festival Traces Contemporaines...

The show was presented in April 12th 2024 at the Theater of Temple (Saillans) and will be present from 3 to 21 July 2024 at the Festival OFF Avignon, at the Golovine Theater.

The Company introduced its work to students at the Entrepôt de Venelles through contemporary dance workshops during the period of creation of the show "Connection".

Marie and Luca will also be in creative residency for their second show "Équilibre" at KLAP, at the Golovine Theater and in an ARSUD room, from September 2024.

The company's work is mainly focused on the search for movement, between fluidity and speed, working in harmony between body and mind.